Your Business


Your business was started with your dreams and aspirations in mind.

However, along the way, with the plethora of compliance obligations, headaches and red tape, your business may have been hijacked onto a track you never planned for.

This is what happens to business owners who find themselves stressed out, overwhelmed and prisoners of their own businesses.

Your business was supposed to be a money making machine that would provide you with wealth, fulfillment and spare time.

Instead, you may find your personal life sacrificed and sucked into feeding a demanding beast of a business.

That’s why the Motivation Clinic offers business owners self paced, group coaching and individual coaching processes.

You see, taking back control of your business, working toward creating a “Right-Hand Quadrant” Business (Robert Kiyosaki), is often called the “Freedom Stage” of your business.

It enables you to create time freedom and the potential for enormous growth in your business as you distance yourself from the operational aspects of your business.

You see, I have coached many, many business owners who were unconsciously sabotaging their business because they could feel their lives being taken over by their business.

Their family life as well as their  personal interests, health and wealth were all  being consumed by a business that was simply feeding itself.

This is not a good way to run a business.

If you are feeling stressed out, overwhelmed and responsible an out-of-control business, then the Motivation Clinic can help you change that.

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