Your Work


Are you motivated to achieve what you really want in your work?

…and how hard do you push yourself to get things done?

Wanting to do something at work and motivating yourself to actually do it are two different things.

So, what’s the difference between those who never reach their work goals, year after year, and those who achieve one goal after another? Often, it’s their work self-motivation.

Self-motivation is what keeps pushing us to go on – it’s our drive to achieve, produce, develop, and keep moving forward. When push comes to shove and you think you’re ready to quit something, or you just don’t know how to start, your self-motivation is what pushes you to go on..

So, how self-motivated at work are you? Please find a short quiz to give you an understanding of how you are at work. After the quiz, you’ll find some specific tips for improving your self-motivation at work, so that you can achieve more at work.

Statements to Answer

Yes No
1I’m unsure of my ability to achieve the goals I set for myself.
2When working on my goals, I put in maximum effort and work even harder if I’ve suffered a setback.
3I regularly set goals and objectives to achieve my vision for my life.
4I think positively about setting goals and making sure my needs are met.
5I use rewards (and consequences) to keep myself focused. For example, if I finish my report on time, I allow myself to take a coffee break.
6I believe that if I work hard and apply my abilities and talents, I will be successful.
7I worry about deadlines and getting things done, which causes stress and anxiety.
8When an unexpected event threatens or jeopardizes my goal, I tend to walk away, set a different goal, and move in a new direction.
9When I come up with a really good idea, I am surprised by my creativity. I figure it is my lucky day, and caution myself not to get used to the feeling.
10I tend to do the minimum amount of work necessary to keep my boss and my team satisfied.
11I tend to worry about why I won’t reach my goals, and I often focus on why something probably won’t work.
12I create a vivid and powerful vision of my future success before embarking on a new goal.

Add up your yes’s to make your score.

  • If you have scored between one and five yes’s, you are in group one below
  • If you have scored more than five but less than then you are in group two below
  • If you have scored ten to twelve yes’s, then you are in group three.
1 You allow your personal doubts and fears to keep you from succeeding. You’ve probably had a few incomplete goals in the past, so you may have convinced yourself that you aren’t self-motivated – and then you’ve made that come true. Break this harmful pattern now, and start believing in yourself again. The Motivation Clinic will help you get back your motivation.
2 You’re doing OK on self-motivation. You’re certainly not failing – however, you could achieve much more. To achieve what you want, try to increase the motivation factors in all areas of your life. Explore what the Motivation Clinic has to offer, and work on your factors to strengthen your self-motivation.
3 Wonderful! You get things done, and you don’t let anything stand in your way. You make a conscious effort to stay self-motivated, and you spend significant time and effort on setting goals and acting to achieve those goals. You attract and inspire others with your success. Treasure this – and be aware that not everyone is as self-motivated as you are! (The Motiviation Clinic has much more to help you develop your communication and leadership skills.)

Becoming more self motivated requires you to develop these skills.

The Motivation Clinic offers you three ways of learning about, developing and practicing these skills over a 90 day period.  This enables you to absorb new ways of doing things, put them into practice and develop them into new habits.

You can choose from three approaches:

  • Self managed. You will be challenged to set some work based goals to be achieved in 90 days and then work, using our online program, to not only learn about and develop into powerful and empowering work habits, but to actually achieve something that we choose to work on at work.
  • Group.  You can join one of our 90 day group coaching workshops, either online or in person, learning from the other participants as well as your own experience.  Ideal for people who learn best in group situations.
  • One-on-one. You set the 90 day goals, you are guided to build empowering and effective structures around your diary and your thinking to make these goals happen.

What people say about these processes.


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