What can I do to motivate myself?

Here’s three things to kick start yourself with:
1. Acknowledge yourself – give yourself credit for who you are and where you are at. Acknowledge your situation. Acknowledge your qualities. Acknowledge your strengths. Acknowledge your weaknesses. Acknowledge what you want to achieve. Acknowledge your challenges. Be honest with yourself. Acknowledge what inspires you. Acknowledge what’s important to you.
2. Check your human handbrake:
• What unfinished business do you have in your life? Grudges that need to be forgiven, communications that need to be delivered, bills that need to be settled, medical checkups that need to be booked… Clean it up. Get yourself back on track
• Check to see if there are any consequences that moving forward to achieving your goals that may be unconsciously demotivating you.
• Set some goals. Write them down. Keep improving how much your goals inspire you. Then write an inspiring vision of you achieving your goals, written in present tense and using language that describes your five senses when you have achieved your goals. Then read your vision every day.
3. Tell someone who you respect and admire what you want to achieve. Ask them to keep you accountable for what you want to do. Ask them for their help.
If you want to discover your motivation, email us here on themotivationclinic@gmail.com

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