Personal Business Coaching

Everyone needs a coach

Especially if you want to get the best out of yourself, learn from your successes and failures, access your personal genius, improve your performance, keep your word, achieve inspiring goals…and much, much more.

That’s why you have a coach.

Finding your best “fit” of a coach

Every coach is different.

And the fit between you and your coach is crucial for the magic of the coaching process to happen.

The best way to start is to check out your potential coach’s approach, values, vision, purpose and mission.

You can also check your potential coach background and style through their LinkedIn profile and the posts they write.

Every coach has been trained to have a certain skill set.

There are many skilled professionals in fields such as accounting and consulting who call themselves coaches, but they spend most of their time with you telling you what you should be doing.  These people are experts.

There are also many coaches who have been trained in a franchise method, that is, people with minimal coaching skills who rely upon the system to coach their clients.  These people have a paint-by-numbers approach.

Then there are coaches who have been trained to have a responsive questioning approach, who help you unearth your brilliant ideas, your best qualities and your personal genius.  The more experienced of these also have a business process and methodology that is evidence based and current.  This is who we are.

Every business coach has a different set of methodologies and processes

We are proud that our processes and methodology are from Gazelles international.  Please have a look at what they offer.  You’ll find resources of great quality.

They are scientific, evidence based and backed up with a stable of the worlds most influential business thought leaders.

You’ll find that most of the exponential growth companies use Gazelle’s “Scaling Up” processes.

We admire Gazelle’s width and depth of quality.  They continue to inspire and challenge us as coaches and help us to get outstanding actions results from our clients.

The Motivation Clinic’s offering


Business owners require different levels of coaching attention at different stages of growth in their company.

However, if you intend hiring a coach, you need to commit yourself to a years service, if you want to get serious results.  In fact, the longer you work with your coach, both of you grow your capacity to communicate, add value and create even more outstanding results.

You’ll find you can either have weekly, fortnightly or monthly coaching services available to you.   Whatever suits your purposes and situation.

Each option also includes 90 day review meetings.


Weekly Coaching Package: $1,200 plus gst per month

Fortnightly Coaching package: $900 plus gst per month

Monthly Coaching Package: $600 plus gst per month

Application process

When you call 0439 979 577, you’ll be arranging a coaching session over the phone or by skype.

In that session, you’ll find out what the process is, how it works and you’ll be setting some business goals for your next quarter.

At the end of the session, you’ll have an idea if this process and this coach is going to be a good fit for you.

Criteria for fit

⊕  you communicate easily with your coach

⊕  you have rapport with your coach

⊕  your coach is inspired by you and you can see they are able to inspire you

⊕  you respect the quality of their approach, resources and methodology

Have these four criteria with you during your session, to help you make your decision.


Call us on 0439 979 577 or email us and we’ll get your questions answered.

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