How do I get to feel better about myself?

A great coach will never try and help you feel better about yourself.  Your feelings about yourself are the keys to discovering your own clarity.
But if that’s your question, then heres five things to get you feeling better about yourself:
1. Acknowledge yourself – your good, your bad, your challenges, your strengths, your weaknesses and your opportunities.  Be honest about what’s so for you.
2. Contribute to someone – help them without thought of your own benefit.  Give them what you want to receive. If you want love, then give love to them.  If you want recognition, then give recognition to as many people as you can.  If you crave success, help someone else to their success.
3. Set some goals that inspire you – something that means something to you and you alone.  Refrain from setting goals that please or placate someone else.  Create a great big problem of your own choosing for yourself.
4. Find someone who inspires you and talk to them about your goals – share your passion and commitment to them. Ask them to help you and keep you on track.
5. Start or join a mastermind group – a group of like-minded people who are all chasing their own inspiring goals – support them and let them support you.  Meet weekly and help each other walk towards each other’s success.  Listen to and give  great feedback.
Do these actions and you will take yourself from the mundane, the disappointing and the banal into the extraordinary, the heroic and the incredibly satisfying.
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