How do I find an Affordable Coach?

That all depends on how much you are able to understand how the coaching process works for you.

If you have had the experience of being coached and learnt from that experience, then you will get value from the following forms of low priced and affordable coaching:
• Group coaching
• Online coaching
• Seminar programs with a coaching approach
• Mastermind group

Then if you have never had a coach before and you have goals that you are passionate about achieving and you know you have some formitable challenges in your way, then you need a good coach to bring out the best in you and get you to perform beyond your perceived best.
From working in the industry I can see that there are some really mundane and unskilled coaches out there. A lot of these coaches don’t have the ability or capacity to help you unleash what’s necessary for you to achieve your goals.
Having said that, find the best coach, with the best reputation and try and negotiate something affordable for you. A good coach will back someone with passion and commitment if they are confronted by it.
A great coach, if you show them your passion and commitment, cannot resist coaching you to success. Someone with passion and commitment is what a great coach is always searching for.
Be strong. Show your passion. Show your commitment. Back yourself. Inspire your coach. Negotiate their fee to what you can afford. Walk forward with confidence.

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