How Do I Choose A Coach?

You have to take this seriously – the magic of coaching only happens when you have communication, rapport and you and your coach are inspired by each other.

If you don’t get this right, you are usually committing yourself to a mundane experience and oh hum results. And that’s not why you want a coach is it?

You want extraordinary results, unexpected and valued insights and powerful growth.

So that means that you need to trial a couple of different coaches – take them for a test ride and see what their approach is and see if it works for you. A little bit of due diligence when you choose your coach will go a long way to making sure you get the most out of yourself.

I have three criteria I force myself to answer honestly when I choose my clients or my coach:

  1. Do I have rapport with this person?
  2. Can I communicate with them?
  3. Am I inspired by them?

Use this to help you rate each coach after you have a trial session with them. Most coaches give you the first session free of charge, so the only investment you are making is your precious time.

Hey – I’m a coach – why don’t you take me for a spin? Email me and give yourself a taste and see for yourself.

Good luck and happy hunting!

Keep your eyes, your ears and your intuition open. Be alert!

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