How Can I Motivate Myself?

This is a good question to ask yourself.
…and there are many answers.
We help people find their answer through three main portals and we keep discovering more as we keep working with people to find their motivation.
1. The Human and the Being Conversation – you probably readily accept yourself as being a human being. But what if you made a distinction between the human part of you and the being part of you? If you saw the human part of yourself as being the part of you that is a product of your upbringing, the part of you that identifies with your identity, the part of you that requires safety, security and a bit of fun… and you saw the Being part of you as the part of you that knows exactly why you have come here, where all your deeply held values, strengths and wisdom live, where all your solutions to any problem exists and where creativity, fulfillment and meaning occurs…would that challenge or change your reality? And what if you thought of the human as being a rider and the being as being a horse and you saw that your present life was the rider sitting on the horse, facing the rear end of the horse? What would happen if you turned in your saddle and faced the front of your horse? This is a conversation we have a lot here at the motivation clinic.
2. Your Human Handbrake. Its amazing how often people discover their motivation simply by taking their human handbrake off. Your handbrakes, (and I say this because you probably have a few of them…at least!) are your self-limiting thoughts and these can be caused by a number of factors which we have become particularly adept at exposing and enabling you to take your handbrake off. Once off, you surprise yourself how effortless moving forward can be.
3. Your awareness of you. Most of the time we are half asleep to who we are. We here at the motivation clinic are keen and rigorous acknowledgers of what is so. There is a great power in acknowledging what is so about you at any point in time. When you are stuck, acknowledging “What is So”, turns your stuckness into “So What?” When you are in action, acknowledging what is so, allows you to see the big picture and enables you to create context. When you achieve your results, acknowledgement of what is so plants a neural pathway of success, enabling you to live with an expectation of future success. Awareness is king around here.

If you want to find more about how to motivate yourself, you have come to the right place – let us know what you think or what you want to do at:

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