It’s So Easy to Lose Your Mojo…

…especially when you are doing your BEST work!

There’s something about your Best Work that Picture1is inherently out of your control.

What I’m talking about is when you hit the genius level… (as Elizabeth Gilbert so eloquently describes in her TED talk – worth watching! – Skip the Ad at the front end)

You know, that rarified atmosphere where your work lifts way beyond what you have ever achieved before, where your results and outputs lift and keep lifting…

You end up with the thoughts: “Did I really do that?  How did I do that??….how could I do that?”

The truth is, most brilliant and creative people report that when they do their best work…it’s like they are not even doing anything – some even report that they are looking down on themselves doing what they are doing…so it appears, that this state of high performance, involves some levelling of your ego – because your ego knows it couldn’t possibly do what you have just done.

You can see why some artists are so humble…and why some others are such horror shows to work with.

Their Mojo is what get’s the job done…not their ego.

And so it is with you.

When you hit the heights you’ve never hit before…that’s when you know you have a mojo.

When you try to do it again…that’s when you realise your mojo has a mind of it’s own.

Maybe it is just like what Elizabeth Gilbert and Tom Waits say: “When your mojo is on – it’s on…when it’s off…it’s off.”

Maybe it’s like what they say in the bible about the path getting narrower and narrower the further you progress upon it.

Maybe if you can align your purpose with what the mojo wants to manifest, then you have half a chance of it descending once again to lift your game way beyond your expectations…

Let me know what you think…



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