The Bird Needs to let go of the Branch if they want to Fly…

The ship has to untie the rope that holds it steady to the shore and we all have to do things that are uncomfortable, if we want to move forward in our goals.

There’s always a price to be paid and it’s usually outside of our comfort zone.

You have to want something bad enough to let go of the branch, untie your ropes and pay the price.

Cause you know the pain of paying the price is waiting for you, when you make your move.

I’m sending my family back to New Zealand next week, I’ll be staying in Sydney to earn some money, pay some bills, for the next 8 months.  It’s a great opportunity, I’ll do some great work and we’ll be getting ahead.

They haven’t gone yet, and I’m experiencing the slow emotional pain, much like a lead blanket, draping across my shoulders, forcing me to face how I feel about this new situation, way outside of my comfort zone.

It’s part of the process, the bird has to go through, realising how much they have grown to love the branch they are perched upon.

Along with that, all the possessions you accumulate along your time sitting on a branch, are all sitting neatly packed, waiting for the council to pick up and take it away.

There’s even an emotional process with that.  Sorting out, letting go, facing all the triggered memories, making the choice to let go…

So it’s all so real, when you make a change…you start to pay the price, experience the process, you start to let go.

Having said all of that, jump inthe water is fine!


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The Law of Diminishing Returns


…you can’t think or achieve when you are in overwhelm.

Detail, Problems, Compliance, Competition, Staff, Marketing, Cash flow, IT problems…….

Sometimes business owners are so busy attending to the daily grind, putting out fires and out there in the trenches,

…they discover the Law of Diminishing Returns:

…where they get to the overwhelming stage of mental and physical exhaustion where the more effort they put in, the less results they produce.

This is precisely the reason it’s so important for business owners to take regular holidays.

Not, I might add, a mirror of your high achieving lives at the coal face; whistlestop tours of the stressful hotspots of the world, wild parties and pushing yourself all the time…

I’m talking about relaxing, spending time with people you care about, getting close to nature, mucking around in water, type of holidays.

Results in Business used to recommend to spend time on holiday around water, if you wanted to heal your shattered nerves…or if you wanted to connect with your vision, to take to the high country, where the eagles soar. That’s always made sense to me.

Whatever you do, your time out needs to be time out, so you can recharge your batteries and clear you thinking.

So what do you do if you hit the “Law of Diminishing Returns” state of mind and being?

Take a bath, get a good night’s sleep, go out and exercise in nature, meditate, get a massage…whatever you do that gets you back into a resourceful place in yourself.


Then, ask yourself what you really, really want in this current situation.

…wait for the answer.

Then ask yourself what you’ll need to do in order to achieve that.

…wait for the answer.

Then…make your plan…then get into action.

The reason you achieve less results with the Law of Diminishing Returns, is that when you don’t have the bandwidth to think clearly and resourcefully, you make poor decisions and your execution is poor to bad.

Give your mind a quick charge up and listen for your brilliant solutions.

They will come…because they are there, locked up inside of you.


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…is never enough to get you started.

It’s enough to keep you under your doona,

or if you are a frog in a pot, its enough to keep you comfortable…

Lukewarm keeps you foggy, doesn’t motivate or get you into action…

…lethargy thrives, apathy lives there and procrastination pays the rent.

Lukewarm keeps you in your comfort zone, a padded golden cage, you feel lucky to be in.


Aware.  Plan. Start. Procrastinate.

Procrastinate. Aware. Action. Procrastinate.  Procrastinate.

Aware. Action. Procrastinate.

Aware. Action. Procrastinate. Procrastinate.

Procrastinate. Aware. Action. Procrastinate.

Aware. Action. Complete.

“The journey of a thousand miles, begins with one step…and has a thousand starts and stops along the way.”


Aware, Blind Spot, Blind Spot, Blind Spot.

Distracted, caught up, overwhelmed, Aware.

Blind spot, Aware, Day Dreaming, Aware.

Aware, focused, in the moment, Distracted-Blind Spot-Overwhelmed – Day Dreaming…

…just another day.

“The Price of Freedom…is Eternal Vigilance”.


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Big Egos Aware They Have Blind Spots

The movers and shakers all have big egos.

There was a time when Steve Jobs was negotiating hard over some information sharing with a company that one of his mentors was a director of.steve-jobs-2

He was adamant that the company pay Pixar.

Things were getting nasty with Steve and the GM.

The director rang Steve up and said in the face of Steve’s wrath:

“Information sharing is what collaborative companies and friends do all the time.”

“Besides, over the years, I have given you loads of information to help you move forward.”

Steve immediately capitulated.

“From now on all information between our two companies will be shared freely and no charge will be made” he decreed.

That director had earned the right to call a big ego in full flight to account.

Steve needed someone to remind him of this and he immediately knew it was right.

What is your blind spot costing you?


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Sitting Facing the Rear end of the Horse…

If your Being is a horse,images

And your Human is the rider,

Sometimes in your life, you find yourself

Riding your horse, facing the rear end of the horse.

You see, our human craves comfort, security and safety.

We only really need a little bit of fun and we sell our dreams and aspirations out for these three prizes.

Our human often tries to ignore the challenges our Being gives us,

Because our Being has come here for a reason…

…and that reason usually doesn’t include or consider your comfort, security and safety…or your fun.

So when you are trying to ignore your Beings noble adventures,

You are facing the rear end of the horse.

When you face the rear end of the horse and you say “Giddyup!”

Your horse won’t move, it won’t respond.  You can’t get it to go anywhere.

But, if you turn in the saddle and face the head of the horse,

In the direction your being wants you to go…

…and you say “Giddyup!”,

Your horse moves forward...and,

If you reach down and grab the reins,download

You can steer the horse.

If you aren’t moving forward in your life,

If you aren’t getting traction in your projects...

Chances are, you are ignoring your Being

Facing  the rear side of your horse.


Want some support in integrating your human and  your Being?

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