Well, yes, Your life does start at the edge of your comfort zone!

It seems blatently obvious to me,

But that’s probably because I teach this stuff all the time,

I see this working in so many people’s lives,

…and catch myself trying to creep back into the doona dive...

…of my comfort zone!

A client of mine and I were discussing the hard earned gains that made up: “The New Normal”

It came to me like a flash of light:

The New Normal is a trap!

If we settle for, accept and move into the New Normal…as the new status quo,

We are trapped in our new comfort zone.

…Then, I saw this clip and everything made absolute sense – trust it does for you too!


Want to live outside of your comfort zone this year?  Let me know.



Hanuabada Joint Venture

This was an amazing proposal we worked hard to put together with the talented Judy van Gelderen and Ki Studios.

Judy’s vision and hard work inspired us to create a program that supported her regeneration of the harbour environment.

Our brief was to identify leaders for the local community, train them up to take responsibility for maintaining the environment and create sustainable micro businesses for the people of the community.

We were to coach these leaders over a six month period, training and mentoring them to be coaches and mentors for their emerging leaders.

Unfortunately, the government decided on another option, but the experience of collaborating with an environmental architect was something we will never forget.