Your Gazelles One Page Business Plan

This is a great tool that simply and clearly puts all the important data for you to concentrate on in every quarter you are working in.

This allows you to refer to a document that is simple, alive and relevant, capturing the critical and important tasks within the context of your values and purpose.

Gazelles One Page Business Plan


Planning to learn a lot this year?

I am.LEarning

And right now I’m dealing with the scheduling and routines I’m going to have to have this year to make my big step forward.

I’m readying myself for the new disciplines of learning a whole lot of materials.

That’s why you’ll find below a video Verne Harnish recommended around learning and how you find your passion.

To preface this video:

discovering your passion, usually happens after

you have had a long period of practice of a set of skills,

that then turn into a passion.

…an example

In my early days as a trainer, I was dealing with clothes to help effect transformational change in people.  My focus was the transformational aspect of that, because I’d spent years clothespracticing and studying this subject;

I was aware that this was my passion. 

But after a couple of years, I noticed that people kept acknowledging me for being passionate about clothes.

I hadn’t noticed.  It had developed with me noticing it. But in my years of working with clothes, I had developed my vocabulary, my ability to make distinctions, my eye and my understanding of the elements of style.

So yes, I then admitted that I was passionate about clothes and what they can do for people.

…another discovery of a passion

In my early days training to be a coach, I had a low level of pTraining 1assion for it.

I was a practiced and accomplished trainer and speaker…and coaching was a completely different set of skills.  It felt counter-intuitive to me.

I was lucky enough to find myself coaching large numbers of people and my skills grew quickly.  The more skill I had, the more I enjoyed it and suddenly coaching was my new passion.

Are you ready to learn about your passions?

This video will help you explore several distinctions that will help you understand where you passion is.

Let me know what you think.


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“You’ve seen my descent, now watch my rising” Rumi

One of my clients shared this quote with me today:

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”
Maya Angelou

My client then said: “We’ll never forget how you made us feel.  Motivated, full of energy, hope and desire, ready to do whatever it will take.”

Hey you guys – thanks! – keep up your hard work launching your businesses…this video is for you:


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Leaders without Maps

On this theme of Australia Day, a quality that Australians have demonstrated in the theaters of war, industry and humanitarian endeavors, is of not being scared to improvise, to change plans, to throw the instructions away and make things up as we go ahead.

It baffled our enemies, won many battles and created new ways of doing and seeing things for the people involved.seth2

One of Seth Godin’s great books: “Tribes” a book about leadership in the social media age, got a damming review:

“Godin doesn’t explain how to go about doing the actual hard, groundwork of leadership.  He makes it sound like anyone with an idea and a cell phone can rally thousands of people to their cause in minutes if they just realise it’s not hard.”

His response was:

“Telling people leadership is important is one thing.  Showing them step-by-step precisely is impossible.  ‘Tell me what to do’ is a nonsensical statement in this context.

There is no map.  No map to be a leader.  I’ve read hundreds of books about art (and leadership) and how to do it and not one has a clue about the map, because there isn’t one.”

Don’t you hate that? I love it that there is no map.

You just have to get passionate about what you want to do…and go ouVisiont and start doing it.

Being enterprising, being an entrepreneur, being a leader – its really about getting started and letting people know what you think, what you offer and what is really important to you.

There is no map.  You make it up as you go along.

You learn from your mistakes, make adjustments and keep walking in the direction of your dreams – That’s why you need a vision!


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Why I disrupted my business over the holidays

It all started when I read over December “Exponential Organisations” by Salim IsmaExponential Organizationsil

I knew I’d gotten complacent about this. This book scared me silly!

Firstly, because it made sense – I’d seen this happening by reading and for the last ten years.
I’ve seen so many new disruptive business case studies to know that whatever business you are in, you either have to disrupt yourself…or be disrupted, oftentimes by someone with little resources and little experience in your industry, but a technical advance helps them to find a niche that steals away your business right under your nose.

Secondly, because our new Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s first statement after being elected as prime minister that “Australians need to embrace disruption as our friend”

And thirdly, because the NSW government has been reviewing their take on Airbnb, Uber and Kickstarter. Last week, they announced that they released a position paper, and that they would be moving to regulate these three operators. – They are letting them in!

I knew I had to disrupt my business.

This was no longer something I could put off.

This was now a priority and I had to act with speed.

How I disrupted my business

The hardest part was to make the decision to do it.

I then set out a plan.

I would research what was going on in my industry, particularly regarding new disruptive competitors.

I would analyse my business for areas that could be digitalised and make a plan for that.

I would then put my disruption plan into action.

Researching my disruptive competition

There were a number of new disruptive competitors out there, who’d emerged under the radar, including a fully automated coach. “A robot coach?!” Yes there are at least two of those out there in the marketplace. How come I’ve been ignoring this?!

I found a couple of people who were using this automated process and asked them enough questions to find out what this method’s strengths and weaknesses.

They even told me what my strength are – that is – one on one coaching to keep them accountable. The automated coaching didn’t do that well. – Phew!  Mental Note:  Great to get that feedback. I must be more open and transparent with my clients.  I must participate more online.

There was much to be done…and fast.

My second step was to analyse my business

I analysed every part of my business and clarified all the areas I could transform into a digital format.

This was a surprising and amazing process.

I could see how I could add enormous value to my business offering by digitalising as many processes as possible. It simply made my product better…and my many resources readily available to my clients.

Not only that, I could see how I could reduce my fee to nearly half of what I’ve been charging.

What I have achieved

I’ve got a sharper, more competitive product out in the marketplace.

I’ve reduced my fees by 45%, I’ve tripled the value I offer to my clients and I’ve addressed operational inefficiencies I’ve been putting off improving for years.

In short, I’ve achieved a lot in a short period of time.

What I have learned

It’s simple once you make the decision (like everything worth doing well)

The threats are already out there…and I need to stay alert (ignore disruption at your peril)

The best defence is active offence (thanks again Sun Tsu)

The changes I’ve been putting off for years were easy to make within the context of disruption.  I could no longer tolerate inefficiencies

I’ve made a start.  There’s much, much more to come.

Trust you find this useful

Let me know if you do something about it.

At least – the very least – read Exponential Organisations by Salim Ismail


Want to get into the habit of disrupting your business? Check this out

Business Disruption in Campbelltown

I’ve just met Dinesh De SilvaDinesh from web services company, NetStripes.

He’s spreading ideas, information and inspiration to business owners wanting to understand the tsunami of business disruption.

As you know, digital disruption is something that business owners would rather not know about – especially when they have invested heavily in their business models and they have a lot at stake.

When I  saw him present at the Marrickville Business Association, he had a hard room to work, even though most people present, were familiar with digital disruption.

But that didn’t stop him.

He engaged, challenged and provoked the room and the night ended up with people committing to actions to improve their digital presence.  He’s a hard working speaker with a tough subject.

Lucky he’s passionate about his subject!

He’s not only doing the hard work from the podium to open people’s minds up in this area, but he also sets up meet ups and conferences called “Bisruption”.

This is a great support and resource for the business community.

Hey, you know, this is important if you have a business! 

Check out this 6 minute clip below about the event.

The content is great and is another take on the subject.

I think the shots of the audience’s faces tells the story of the shock and fear that digital disruption generates in business owners.

Ignore this, at your peril. 

Or, as Elizabeth Royal I said:

“A fool too late bewares when all the peril is past.”


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