…trust you had a good Australia day

It was a day off, you may have waved a flag, participated in a crowd event, hung out with friends and family, simply rested….or you might have been working hard to catch up with the overwhelming workload you face every day.Australia Day 2014

That’s why you need to make a commitment to making changes every day.

If you don’t, your business will be left behind, your staff looking around for a job that may not even be there and another sad story about a business not having adapted to changing times.

Changing habits, changing the ways you do things, change your thinking, changing the well worn routes of your life and your business.  It starts with the little personal habits.

…but, truth is; left to yourself, you probably won’t.

That’s why people take on a coach.

To make those changes, to improve their performance, to let go of self-limiting thinking, to grow their business, to achieve the things they really, really want to achieve, but won’t do it by themselves, when push comes to shove.

But if you really want to make a change or change a habit that you just can’t do by yourself, you might want to try the Committed Friend Technique.

You pick a friend or a person you admire and respect.  You make a deal with them that you both will talk every day to support each other in behavioral change.

You ring each other up every day and report:

“Yes or no: Did I make my change today…or not?”

“Did I do what I told you I want to do…or not?”

“Did I or Did I not?”

The simple act of being accountable to someone on a daily basis, even if you fall off the rope regularly, reminds you of your intention.  It’s a surprisingly effective way to make the changes you want in your life, your business, your enterprise or your cause.

Try it and let me know how you go.


..or, you could take things seriously and embrace the structures and resources of a skilled personal business coach. email me.





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