The Government embraces Uber, Airbnb & Kickstarter

Breaking news!

The NSW department of innovation and better regulation have today released a position paper, showing support for Uber, Airbnb and Kickstarter, announcing that the government would be designing regulations for these operators.

Echoing Malcolm Turnbull’s first statement after being elected as prime minister that “Australians need to embrace disruption as our friend”, this latest step shows that digital disruption is indeed not only a part of the Australian business environment but also that it’s being accepted by the Australian and State governments.

Read the article and you’ll see that they appreciate the new forms of employment opportunities and taxation revenue.

Surely disrupted industries like taxis and hotels don’t see Uber and Airbnb as their friends.

How can we learn to see disruption in this way?

In order to see our business competitors as friends, we need to adopt the mindset of curiosity, innovation and disruption.

We need to disrupt our own ways of thinking and doing business, every day from now on.

It really is time to get your head around this.


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