It’s been a big week…

The pace is picking up.

You are either driving your agenda or being pushed around by someone else’s agenda.

These are the times when your biggest competition in business comes from anyone with a laptop.

…that’s a lot of competition.

Here’s a review of one of our biggest tools in helping businesses scale up and grow rapidly.

You mightn’t have time to watch it now, but make the effort, perhaps on the weekend and see that there is indeed some scientific, research-based methodology that can help you achieve what you really, really want in your business.

There is a way forward.


We’ve been using, studying and helping people put Verne’s Gazelle methods into action for a long time.  Looking for a guide? email me.


You are responsible for your future

…and if you’ve been listening to mainstream media, your negative frTHought cycleiends or entertaining conspiracy theories, you are living a life of fear, anxiety and low expectations for your future.

And, if you think like that, surely you create particular feelings, that influence the quality of your actions, which in turn influences the quality of your results and of course that creates your quality of your thinking – it’s a vicious cycle.



Thoughts matter

However, you can change that.

Here’s a new possible world view for you to consider for your business, your life and a better future for yourself from Singularity University’s Peter Diamandis.


This really could change everything for you.



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…trust you had a good Australia day

It was a day off, you may have waved a flag, participated in a crowd event, hung out with friends and family, simply rested….or you might have been working hard to catch up with the overwhelming workload you face every day.Australia Day 2014

That’s why you need to make a commitment to making changes every day.

If you don’t, your business will be left behind, your staff looking around for a job that may not even be there and another sad story about a business not having adapted to changing times.

Changing habits, changing the ways you do things, change your thinking, changing the well worn routes of your life and your business.  It starts with the little personal habits.

…but, truth is; left to yourself, you probably won’t.

That’s why people take on a coach.

To make those changes, to improve their performance, to let go of self-limiting thinking, to grow their business, to achieve the things they really, really want to achieve, but won’t do it by themselves, when push comes to shove.

But if you really want to make a change or change a habit that you just can’t do by yourself, you might want to try the Committed Friend Technique.

You pick a friend or a person you admire and respect.  You make a deal with them that you both will talk every day to support each other in behavioral change.

You ring each other up every day and report:

“Yes or no: Did I make my change today…or not?”

“Did I do what I told you I want to do…or not?”

“Did I or Did I not?”

The simple act of being accountable to someone on a daily basis, even if you fall off the rope regularly, reminds you of your intention.  It’s a surprisingly effective way to make the changes you want in your life, your business, your enterprise or your cause.

Try it and let me know how you go.


..or, you could take things seriously and embrace the structures and resources of a skilled personal business coach. email me.




The Australia we are celebrating tomorrow

Someone said today that they didn’t relate to Australia Day and this is what came out of my mouth:australia 2

“Two hundred and 28 years ago, white English people settled in the east coast of Australia. Twenty five thousand years before that Aboriginal people came here.

We are a affluent first world country, struggling with our own diversity, inequities, economies and our place in the world.

And now, as a country, we are facing massive change in the way we do business, earn a living and contribute to our society.

– My dad was a young, resourceful, enterprising English migrant, and he saw fantastic opportunities everywhere here.  He fell in love with and embraced Australia.

I’ve grown up in his shadow and see that we are well within a time when the hallowed “Job” is not what it used to be, and certainly is no longer to be take for granted as secure and sustainable.

My Australia Day wish is that all Australians look for their star of enterprise within.  That they bring out their inner self reliance and improvisation we are known for in tough times.

…that we accept the economic and social realities of now, as they really are…and together, create something better for all of our futures.

I asked Jack Kelly, an old World War 2 digger Anzac, who was captured by the Germans in Crete with my dad Ted:

“How did you guys put food on the table and keep shelter over your heads in a depression and a world war?  How on earth did you do that?”

This wise old man paused, looked out the window, turned and looked me in the eye and said:

“We took care of each other – we watched out for our mates, we shared what we had and we all got through together.”

I reckon that’s a good thing for us to remember as we head toward the uncharted waters of the next year.

Happy Australia Day everyone!Australia



4, 5 & 6 of the six ‘D’s of Exponentials

6Ds of exponentials

Dematerialisation, De-monetisation and Democratisation – The Last 3 ‘D’s

Dematerialisation: Literally, new technology is dematerialising  products and industries – your cell phone has dematerialised snap and shoot cameras, now you have one in your phone.  Your gps is now on your cell phone, Whole industries like DVD rentals have dissolved because of digitalisation.  There is an app now that you can take a picture of a room and your phone will convert it using CAD tools into a scaled drawing of the room.  Not to forget how your trusty flashlight has been replaced by a free app.  These products have been dematerialised into your phone technology.

Demonetisation: Exponential technology takes the money out of things, so you see with Google, how it de-monitised the research business.  It’s free now.  Wikipeadia took the money out of encyclopedias.  How many other examples?  LinkedIn has taken the money out of recruitment, by making everyone’s CV digital.  Exponential technologies like Craigslist take the money out of industries like the newspapers and put it into your pocket.

Democratisation: Exponential technologies enable you to change the world by giving you the tools you need to make a big difference.

So when you think about business, think about the Six D’s and how they can literally help you transform your business and the world.

Finally, let’s hear Peter put it into his own words:


The path of disruption is hard.  You need rigor, discipline and accountability for results. Let me support you.




The Third ‘D’ of Exponentials

6 d Small

The third D of Exponentials is DISRUPT the field.

When the pure mass and force of digital cameras embedded in millions of mobile phones swamped Kodak’s monopoly on anything photographic in the US, When Blockbuster video hires and anyone one else making a living hiring DVD’s was hit by the digitization of movies exploding across the internet through Netflix, Stan and many others – this is disruption:

A new, more accessible, drastically cheaper, easier to use product or service is suddenly on your competitors shelves, walking out the door.

What this means for you

It’s when, not if, disruption is going to happen to your industry, your product or your services.


Disrupt yourself and your business before someone else does. email me.


The Government embraces Uber, Airbnb & Kickstarter

Breaking news!

The NSW department of innovation and better regulation have today released a position paper, showing support for Uber, Airbnb and Kickstarter, announcing that the government would be designing regulations for these operators.

Echoing Malcolm Turnbull’s first statement after being elected as prime minister that “Australians need to embrace disruption as our friend”, this latest step shows that digital disruption is indeed not only a part of the Australian business environment but also that it’s being accepted by the Australian and State governments.

Read the article and you’ll see that they appreciate the new forms of employment opportunities and taxation revenue.

Surely disrupted industries like taxis and hotels don’t see Uber and Airbnb as their friends.

How can we learn to see disruption in this way?

In order to see our business competitors as friends, we need to adopt the mindset of curiosity, innovation and disruption.

We need to disrupt our own ways of thinking and doing business, every day from now on.

It really is time to get your head around this.


Right now you can engage in a program to  help you disrupt your business. Are you interested? email me

The Second ‘D’ of exponentials

6 d Small

The Second D of Exponentials is Deceptive Growth

Exponential growth is one of the keys to growing wealth.  For example, by reinvesting profits back into your capital, doubling your capital, your capital grows exponentially.  There’s a long period of slow growth, then suddenly, your savings multiply enormously.

It also happens in nature.  The Tsunami is a good example of this.  It builds up slowly, but then it reaches a point where a sudden leap in size takes everyone by surprise.

Example in business

The slow growth of digital cameras took Kodak by surprise.  Digital photography didn’t seem a threat to their operations. The first camera phone was sold in Japan (the J Phone) in 2000 didn’t rate a concern with Kodak until the massive uptake in 2013 destroyed their business.  They never saw it coming.

This is why Canabalising your own company works

If you aren’t trying to work out how to disrupt your own business, surely another company is on their way to disrupting your money making machine.  It’s hard to see from which direction they will come from, because disruption comes from many disciplines.

All you need to know, is that it creeps up on you, then suddenly looms large before it engulfs you.

This is the third D – Deceptive Growth.


Want help to disrupt your own business? email me.




One of the Six ‘D’s of Exponential’s

6 d Small


As soon as you digitize something, you have created the means for exponential growth.

As soon as you put your work in a digital format, you have the ability to send it out to a global audience.


You now have the ability to grow exponentially.


With the recent digitization of the human gene (2001), we now have exponential growth, not only in research terms, but in also the ability to scan and review individual people’s genes.  In fact, in 2001, the cost of scanning an individual’s genes was $100 million dollars.  In January 2014, the cost was $1,000.  Experts are saying that this drop will continue, just like what happened with computer chips until a test cost mere cents or less than free.

This has happened over sixteen years – it’s fastit’s exponential!

What this means for you

Whatever your product, whatever your service, there are parts that you can digitize.

As soon as you digitize those parts, you have the capability for exponential growth.

You now have a piece on the board.  You get to play the game.

But, to do this, you need to have the will, focus, resources and time to do this, while you are busy making money from your old school business.


It takes strategy, a plan and making yourself accountable to get things done.  If you want to disrupt your business, email me and get it done.


What’s the important stuff for you?

Memento Mori

It’s been a big week with David and Alan being two of the multitude of people whose time here has come…and gone.

It’s a first world problem that we forget our mortality and get caught up in the incidentals.

The Roman Generals when they came to Rome in their triumphal procession, wore a crown of laurel and the all-purple, gold-embroidered triumphal toga, regalia that identified them as near-divine or near-kingly.

They would ride in a four-horse chariot through the streets of Rome in unarmed procession with their army, captives and the spoils of their war.

But they always had a servant walking behind them, chanting “Memento mori” remind them of the urgency of their own lives, and to keep their head level.

Memento mori to you.  What are the important things you need to put your attention onto today?


Helping you stay accountable to what’s important.