The Fox and the Hedgehog – more insights!

Jim Collins talks about a Greek fable that tells the story of the fox with the short attention span, who knows a lot of things and the singe-minded hedgehog who only knows one thing and does it over and over and…

…and if you are intent on starting a business, you really need to know about this distinction.

You see, if you are a fox and you don’t know it, your curiosity and short attention span, will steal your dreams away.

The hedgehog’s single minded focus is what wins the race every day in every way.

The fox’s inability to stick with the simple, important, every day actions and outcomes condemns the fox to only having interesting and entertaining stories in the bar or the coffee house…but nothing to show for it.

No results from sustained and continued focus and repetitive actions.

Which is why I’m writing to you.

You see, what are you?

A fox…or a hedgehog?

Or…are you a fox who knows you are a fox?

…or are you a fox who doesn’t know you are a fox?

Which leads you to a really important insight.

You have no excuses after reading this. You know the truth:

You are a fox who knows you are a fox.

The important question is:

Are you a fox who is clever …and disciplined enough to learn the skills, discipline and single minded focus from the hedgehog?

That, my dear friend, we shall see.

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Conduit Vs Battery VI: Why Your Vision, Purpose and Mission are Important

In the Japanese martial art Aikido, there is an amazing demonstration called the Strong Arm exercise.

You stand with your arm at 90 degrees and get someone to push down on your arm to try anStrong armd force it to your side.  Your instructs are to resist that person with all your force and will.

Your arm always loses this battle.  The force is simply too great.

You then are instructed to put your arm out at 90 degrees and imagine a water hose coming from your solar plexus, going up your chest and along your arm out to your hand.

You then imagine, that like a fire hose, you are pushing water at enormous pressure through your hose, out through your hand to the other side of the room.

You are then instructed to firstly shoot it through the window to the building across the road, then to extend that for two whole blocks of powerful water pressure.  At that stage, your instruction is that your partner will push down heavily on your arm, but you are not to resist it, but to continue focusing on pumping the enormous amount of water out the window, right across to two blocks away.  The result is always, your partner cannot move your arm…and you are putting no effort whatsoever to resist their push.  It’s an amazing experience.

It’s also a good analogy to describe what happens when you clarify your Vision, Purpose and Mission.

You see, when you create a clear, resounding and inspiring vision of a worthy and ambitious undertaking having been achieved, when you create something amazing from your present now, to happen in the future; you are hooking yourself into the conduit energy. There’s something quite wonderful about how a vision can effect and galvanise your resources and actions. You can also hook into what Robert Fritz, in his book: The Path of Least Resistance, calls Structural Tension.

This is augmented if you articulate a purpose that resonates and inspires you.  Now the purpose already exists in your vision – you just have to search for it like Michelangelo sculpts.  Think about what the outcome of your vision will enable you to do.  Your purpose is the context your goal exists underneath, like a roof over it’s head.  Your purpose, especially if it’s going to benefit more than you, if it’s about truth and love, then it will hook you directly into the conduit energy flow.

And finally, your mission enables you to identify the core actions and results you need to perform and achieve every day, day in and day out.  This focus really helps you with you making consistent actions that move you toward achieving your goals.

However, when you regularly review your vision and your purpose, they uplift your daily actions and imbue them with conduit energy.

If you want to achieve great things and don’t want to drain your battery dry, make sure you have a clear and inspiring vision that you read every day, a written purpose for daily review and you keep your mission in front of you to guide your actions.

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How Michelangelo Creates Beautiful Statues

The Papal Press sent a reporter down to interview Michelangelo as he was busy sculpting marble statues out of big blocks of stone.

“How do you create such beautiful and inspiring statues for us all?” asked the reporter, pencil in hand.

Michelangelo, looked up, stopped his dusty work and started to roll a cigarette.

He finally said:

“You see, the statue already exists within the stone. 

It lives within the stone.

All I do is chip away everything that’s not the statue.”

What is it that already lives in you?

Is it waiting for you to chip away everything that’s not it, so it can be freed?

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Conduit Vs Battery V: Respect and Love.

You know, you probably think that everything you do comes from respect and love for the people you serve.

But it’s where you really come from that determines whether you are being fed by the conduit or your own battery.

You see, by definition, if you come from love and respect for the person you are serving, then you are automatically being fed by the conduit.  The conduit always seeks the selfless.

But if you are 4 centimeters to the left of love and respect…and you are in rescue mode, which means that you don’t respect the individual’s ability to come up with a solution to their problem and your love comes from a condescending and suffocating position, then you will notice a cord going into your battery behind the curtain.

Love and respect are the keys to accessing the conduit.

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Conduit Vs Battery IV: “Rescue-ing’s” dirty little secret.

Rescuing people involves you proving to yourself that you are stronger, better, smarter, more compassionate, wiser, more understanding and better informed than the person you are rescuing.

It takes time and energy to do this.

Especially if when you save the moth from burning to death in the flame, and it quickly gets up again and heads back to the candle.

And if you are a rescuer, these types of moths are just the ones for you – they keep you busy with the work that makes you feel better about yourself.

However, if this is what you are doing, then the tell tale cable that is charging you forward and keeping you going, ultimately leads you to your battery, which is slowly losing it’s charge.

When your battery is flat, it’s over for your health, it’s over for your vitality and it’s over for your ability to make things happen in the world.

In fact, one of the reasons burn out usually is accompanied by feelings of depression, is that you are unable to continue doing the work of rescuing, which used to make you feel good about yourself.

Rescueing’s dirty little secret is that it exhausts you, it drains you and all in the name of making you feel good about yourself.

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Conduit Vs Battery III: Conduit Energy – Where does it come from?

Your Conduit energy comes from sources outside yourself, beyond your self.

Traditionally, religions were the gateway to the energy and powers of the God, Gods and Goddesses.

Very quickly you were reminded that you, the little you, was puny and powerless compared to the vast power and energy of the Deities. You had a tiny ability if any at all, to impact your will upon the world.

Accessing this energy and power came through ceremony, sacrifices, incantations and worship.  In the end, the result you got was down to the often capricious nature of God.  You had little, if any control over the outcome.  You were simply a vessal for God to work through.

Politics and Philosophy were another way to access your conduit energy.

“An idea whose time has come”…has swept up many of us in it’s inspiring and righteous energy.  In fact, the very word righteous, is another source of conduit energy: If you believe in the moral right – ness of your project or idea, then you have enormous energy.

Politicians, activists, philosophers, religious ferver-ites all take from this energy source.  It gives them an intensity that is far greater than ordinary human operating levels.

Speaking of intense human operating levels, some forms of insanity appear to be tapping into that conduit energy.  Abnormal strength, abilities and mental capacities are a feature of many schizophrenic and psychotic states.

Inspiration is a more common route to accessing conduit energy.  If you get inspired by something, whether in a creative sense or in the case of following an ideal, your energy is boundless.

What other areas have you experienced the conduit energy in?

Let me know.

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Conduit Vs Battery II: Support Vs Rescue

You know the conversation – you either Support someone, or you Rescue them.

In the context of this conversation about the Conduit and the Battery, when you support someone, you are being a conduit.  When you rescue someone, you are being a battery.

You see, when you support someone, you automatically revert to a selfless state, that is, it’s not about you.  It’s all about the person you are supporting.  Your respect and love for that person is what enables you to tap into the conduit energy.

However, whenever you rescue someone, it’s always about you.  You the knight in shining armor, you the one who knows better, you the one who can fix their problems quickly and easily.  Whatever version of you that you can come up as an excuse to go into rescue mode. It’s all about you.  Therefore you end up spending your precious personal time and energy and you have a 240 volt cable going directly to drain your battery.

Think about it.

…which way of operating is better for you?


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E=McSquared – A different look at Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Having had the experience of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) 22 years ago, I can vouch for the challenging journey this lesson filled state gives you.

Engaging in the “Conduit Vs Battery” conversation this month, has led me to an amazing new resource.

I haven’t completed reading this book, but it’s impressed me so far and validated my journey from “no energy” to “High Energy” once again.

I always used to wonder why so many amazing and high contributor type people ended up with conditions like this.  Now I know why.

So have a look at this book if you want a breakthrough in your health.

And thanks to Mike Wood for being a catalyst for this conversation.

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Your Introduction to :”The Conduit Vs The Battery” Conversation.

The way you live your life, the way you fund your projects, the way you make things happen, the two sources of energy you can draw from are the Conduit or the Battery.

Most of us humans don’t make the distinction with these two concepts – we only see energy.


The analogy of the Conduit is that you are a tube, a vessel for energy to flow through.  It’s not your personal energy, it’s separate from you as an individual and is unlimited, vast and very, very powerful.  It comes from outside of you.  It comes from “selfless” sources such as “Inspiration”, religious pathways to God and any enterprise or idea that is larger than the individual.

Battery  The analogy of the Battery is that you have a storage facility, a place where you store your personal life energy.  It’s limited to your personal life  energy stores, it’s finite and relies on how much you take care of your health, nutrition and general well being. Its your inner resources that allows you to function in the world in the areas of health, vitality and action.

The challenge here is that some people, (I’m one of them) use their battery to drive their projects forward, succeed at their work, help other people and generally to make their mark on the world.

This is great, but it leads to “Burn out” and other forms of ill health.

In short, if you use your “Battery” energy to make things happen, you end up draining your personal “Life Energy”.  You are making withdrawals from a bank account that’s designed to keep you alive and well on the planet.

The “Conduit”, in comparison, is an unlimited supply of energy, available to you if you learn the skills of becoming a “Vessel” or a pipe for this energy to flow through.  It never wears you out, it never depletes your battery and it’s usually never about “you”.

Knowing this distinction and $4.50 will buy you a coffee in most places.

That is, you need to contemplate and absorb this, before you can put it to good use (or more realistically: “be put to good use by it”)

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Your bildungsroman in the context of the next 40 years of Australia – what will you be remembered for?

Bildungsroman…loosely meaning your coming of age story, relies generally on a set of challenging circumstances that involve you growing, learning and rising to the challenge.

The Australian Government have released publicly their “Intergenerational Report”, with, it seems, an agenda for Australians to discuss and engage with the topic of what we will do to impact positively on the next 40 years of Australia.

Of course, what we do today will impact our futures.

In fact, thinking long is a great way to make big changes happen.

I suggest you spend 15 minutes listening to “Dr Karl’s Introduction” to the Intergenerational report in a presentation called the Challenge of Change.

There are some really amazing statistics about what’s changed since 1975, and what’s predicted for 2055.

It’s a chance for you to think about what your contribution will be for the next 40 years of Australia.

And here’s what Brad Smith’s impression and take of the presentation was: