Why Agonise Over Defining Your Purpose, Vision and Mission?

Moving forward toward achieving your inspiring and precious goals is not a straightforwWhat success really looks likeard path.

In fact, like every fairy tale, there are plenty of distractions,

plenty of obstacles…and plenty of challenges.

It’s easy to forget why you have set out to do what you are doing, what you are trying to achieve and what you have to do, day in and day out, in order to achieve your goal.Writing a list

That’s why you take the time before you set off on your journey, to clarify your purpose, your vision and your mission.

Knowing these three things can help you keep moving forward consistently.

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When It’s Over, It’s Over.

When you complete with and come to the end of your client’s need for you,

It’s time to move on.Keep walking and don't look back

It’s time to walk on, without looking back, without trying to squeeze more business out of them.

Have them willing to be a referrer to you, of course…but don’t spoil that by trying to sell to them.

Honor them.  Respect them.  Let them go.

You see, it’s better that you find another new client, one that inspires you, one that will pay you, one that you can make a big difference to.  Especially if you are scaling up in the quality of your new client…and in the quality of your work.

It’s easier too.

It’s more honorable as well.

Don’t look back.

You see, if you are trying to get more business out of them, they will feel the manipulation.

…and so will you.I  never look back darling

and your game will slip accordingly.

When it’s over, it’s over.

It’s up to you to be strong about that.


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T E A M – Together Everyone Achieves More!

This is for you if you have done the TEAM Communication Audit.


It’s an art form most days!

But with the TEAM tool, you are backed up with some science.

In the tool below, you’ll find real life situations with the different communication styles interacting with each other.

You’ll find out what each style likes about you, distrusts about you and how to work with each style.

It’s simple, direct and clear.

Master Communication and doors will open for you


Your 2015 KickStart Process

Lost your direction? 

Looking for your Mojo?

Feeling stressed out and overwhelmed?

You’ve come the right place.

You see, you will find a link to Your 2015 KickStart Process below.

Here’s how it works:

You have two sections.

In your first section, you will be reviewing and completing your previous year.  Do the year as of today, back 12 months.

Be rigorous and serious about this.  It will set you free and help you let go of some of that weight and baggage you are carrying around.

In your second section, you are creating the year you really, really want.

Be rigorous and serious about this.  This will motivate and help you focus on what’s really important for you this year.

This document is for you to review regularly so as to not only inspire you, but to help you stay on track and keep your focus for what’s important for you.

2015 Kickstart Review and Planner

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Written by Mike Kennedy, thought leader at the Motivation Clinic
You can find me online or training and facilitating people to find their motivation so they move ahead. Clarity, Insight, Growth, Care.