How to Unleash the Power of Your Business Vision.

You know, a lot of business owners I know get shocked when I ask them to write down what they really, really want by their due date.

The first reason they are shocked is that no-one has asked them before what they really wanted.

The second reason they are shocked is that their business vision is so, well, you know; …personal.

The reason that it’s personal is because as a business owner – you are the leader.

You have to make it happen, when push comes to shove, when the times get tough and when you are doing it rough.  When it’s personal – it inspires you, it fires you up, it brings out the mongrel in you.  You see, in business, it’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog.

That’s right, you need an inspiring, very personal vision to drag your “A” game to your business actions, day in, day out, every day, in every way.

It helps you stay on track – it reminds you of your “Why”, you remember who you are whenever you read it.

There’s a reason that in every business plan, right after the Executive Summary, you are asked for your Business Vision.

You are not asked for something dry, something banal, something that you won’t have to think about after you have written it.

You are being asked: What motivates you?  What get’s you out of bed in the morning?  What get’s you to pullBusiness Vision out a winning stroke, when you look like there’s nothing left in you?  What brings out the Best in you?

What keeps you going when everything looks lost?  What makes you stand tall when people are throwing stones at you?  What keeps you proud when people are spreading lies and misinformation about you?

Any investor or bank wants to know if you have what’s vitally important to you…on the line.

You gotta back what’s important to you…and in the end, what’s important to you, will back you up.