What You Actually Pay for Being Comfortably Numb.

Being Vulnerable is part of who you are.


Being Vulnerable in your life means that you acknowledge and accept that what is so, is really what is so.

You don’t protect yourself from the discomforts of reality, you don’t sugar coat or pretend.

If you are scared, you let yourself be scared. If you don’t know something, you let yourself not know it.

You simply acknowledge yourself, accept what’s so, let it go and move forward.

You don’t bulldoze yourself, you have compassion with yourself and you have the courage to be honest with yourself.

You don’t hide behind the “Shiny Shite” that people around you accumulate: the right clothes, the right makeup, the right perfume, the right car, the right house in the right neighborhood…

At this time, we are the most obese, most medicated, most depressed and most distracted generations of Australians and New Zealanders ever. The marketers have succeeded in getting the majority of us to embrace plastic surgery, Botox, retail therapy and a deep dissatisfaction with our bodies. Not to mention gambling, pornography, alcohol and drug abuse.

You are enticed at this time, with an ever-growing number of ways to avoid being yourself. You are encouraged to find solace and distraction amongst the many ways to numb yourself down. These days it’s cool to release yourself from whatever you are feeling.

Sadly, when you do this, you sell out your integrity and miss out on a whole range of your human experience from; your joy, your soul and your character.

You also miss out on your genius, your creativity, your courage and your own brilliant answers to your problems.

That’s a pretty hefty price for you to pay.  Is it worth it?

Are you interested in turning your back on the queue for numbness and finding the way back to yourself?

If you are, let me know.



An Interview with Mike

Motivation. It’s great when you have it, it’s hard work when you don’t have it.

Today I’m with Mike E Kennedy, director of a new business called “The Motivation Clinic”. He’s just written a book about it and I’m trying to find out what his take on motivation is and what we can get from being around the Motivation Clinic.

So how do you feel about your new work – The Motivation Clinic Mike?

It’s been a real revelation to me writing this book – it started out as a question about what it is that I do. What do I really offer?

For many years now people have seen me as a “Motivational” speaker and trainer. This title has never fit comfortably with me. I’ve always believed that no-one can motivate anyone –that motivation actually comes from the individual motivating themselves.

I’ve constantly said: “I’m not a motivator – you’re motivating yourself!” I’ve seen myself more as a catalyst and an observer of people who discover their own motivation and then head off in hot pursuit of amazing and meaningful adventures.

So I’ve spent the last 12 years in a form of retreat – coaching and training coaches to help people find their own unique courage, creativity and confidence and to encourage them to create great big inspiring and audacious goals and then go out there and make it happen. I’ve been witness to hundreds of people stepping out and doing amazing stuff.

Finally, from seeing my clients examples and engaging myself in two questions: “What do I really do?” and “What do I really, really want?”, I’ve found my own courage, creativity and confidence to be the amazing writer, speaker and trainer that I am – to be my own best version of me out there in the world.

When I think of greatness…when I think of the people who stepped out and became great in everything they did and said every day in every way; it’s like they made a decision at a critical point of time; to be the person that they became. They lived into the best possible version of themselves that they could have imagined. Phew! Now that’s a source of motivation!

Anyhow, even though I’m proud of everything I’ve done before, this work in the motivation Clinic is the beginning of my best work. I’m now stronger, more confident in who I am and what I deliver and I’m willing to step out and speak my truth whatever the situation.

So what is next for you Mike? What are you going to do?

I’m going to focus on providing the possibility of personal motivation to as many people as I can in the world. I’m going to be the catalyst for personal motivation, clarity and courage for the world.

I’m developing low cost entry versions of my workshops and seminars and mentoring programs. I want this message to be available to everyone.

I’m going to remind people how amazing they are, how capable they are and how the answers to their questions are inside of them. I’m going to show them ways to access those answers.

I’m going to be creative. I’m going to write blogs, books, create videos and work toward supporting people who want to own their choices and be the best version of themselves they can imagine.

What are you currently writing?

I’m writing a book called “Release Your Human Hand Brake!”. It’s all about an internal conflict I’ve observed in most people. This conflict inside of us, stops us moving toward what we want in a smooth and integrated manner.

Its like inside of us, we are running an internal three-legged race – remember how when you have your leg tied to someone else’s leg, even if you know them really well, how jerky and uncoordinated you are until you somehow work it out? When that happens, you can just about sprint as fast as you can on your own. The two of you had to work out your differences and commit to a common direction and goal.

That’s what this book is all about. Sorting out the different agendas you have within you and committing to a common direction and goal, moving forward.

In fact, the process of writing this book has deepened my own sense of integration and direction. It’s amazing how it works.

So what is your message to people about their personal motivation?

Feeling jaded, unmotivated, overwhemed, listless, un-enthused, un-inspired by anything or just plain bored with what you are doing, is really a high state of mind! It means that you are no longer motivated with what you are doing. It means you are ready to discover what uniquely motivates you in your life and are ready to unleash yourself.

What you are currently feeling is the calm before the revelation of who you really are, what you really stand for and where you are really going. When that happens, you’ll take off like a rocket!

What do you and The Motivation Clinic have to offer people who want to find their own motivation?

You’ll find conversations, processes, concepts and learning experiences that will enable you discover, clarify and put into action what really motivates you.

You’ll find a community of motivated people for you to be part of.

You’ll find ideas, inspiration and information to sustain and grow your motivation.

You’ll be given permission to go for what you really, really want and what’s important for you.

Thank you Mike

70/20/10: Three Important Figures You Need to Know.

70/20/10 is a Learning and Development model based on research and observation carried out from the 1960s until present.

McCall, Lombardo and Eichinger’s survey of high-performing managers revealed that:

“Lessons learned by successful and effective managers are roughly:

  • 70% from tough jobs
  • 20% from people (mostly the boss)
  • 10% from courses and reading”

So what we have here is that most of the things you learn are on the job, in the workplace and in the process of building an enterprise.

This is why a thorough debrief of a tough assignment is so necessary – so you can bank your learnings.

Lombardo and Eichinger expressed the rationale behind the 70:20:10 model this way in ‘The Career Architect Development Planner’

“Development generally begins with a realization of current or future need and the motivation to do something about it. This might come from feedback, a mistake, watching other people’s reactions, failing or not being up to a task – in other words, from experience. The odds are that development will be about 70% from on-the-job experiences, working on tasks and problems; about 20% from feedback and working around good and bad examples of the need, and 10% from courses and reading.”

So what does this mean for you?

If you at the end of every day spend some time listing “ten things I learnt today”, you are tapping into the biggest part of your learning experience and banking that by bringing that learning into your conscious awareness.

If you invest in a mentor, you are enabling yourself to learn from their experience and knowledge.  That’s a worthy, worthy thing for you to have.

And if you go off to do a course, somehow, you need to add those learnings into your daily worklife, because that’s where you are going to do your learning.

So what’s that all mean for you?

Learning happens to you every day, especially when you are in action, especially when you spend time around more experienced people who are willing to help you.  Learning is not confined to the classroom.

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Look Upstairs for your Motivation and Inspiration

Look-UpstairsAnyone feeling jaded and looking for inspiration need have looked no further than the Look Upstairs Exhibition in Melbourne in the first week of April.

Prelueded in the brochure by the Awsome M. C. Esher:

Only those who attempt the absurd will
achieve the impossible. I think it’s in my basement…
let me go upstairs and check.

— M.C. Escher —

We live in a world where design is converging with business, society, science and technology.  Everything is converging!

I don’t care what you are doing – going to something like this would definitely inspire you whatever field you are practicing in.

It’s all over, but you might want to have a look at this exquisite brochure…and try really, really hard not to get inspired.

You just need to feed yourself with some inspiration from other disciplines!

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What you resist, persists. What you look at, dissolves away.

Sometimes you find yourself fighting and pushing away that part of you you don’t want to effect your life.

You demonise it, marginalise it and fight it with ferocity.

You hide it from others, you really are ashamed…

But in doing so, something strange starts to happen.


Things don’t get better, they get worst.

It gets harder to put on the mask you show to the world, you start doubting the meaning of it all…

That’s because what you resist, persists and what you look at, dissolves away.

So how do you get to look at what it is you feel threatened by?

You go to the mirror and tell that part of you, that you want to ask it some questions,Image

That you will let it have your voice to answer these questions with.

Then you ask them these questions:

  • What are you concerned about?
  • What are you trying to tell me?
  • What do you think I should do?

 After you ask each question, you look straight at them in the mirror,

You give them your complete attention, watching for emotion and body language too.

You thank them for each answer they give.  If you want to explore more, please do.

…and when you are finally through with your conversation;Image

…thank them for their courage and generosity  in looking out for you.

Tell them that you will take their concerns into consideration.

Then wait for the peace that comes from you no longer fighting with yourself.

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