People have been telling you to grow up and act like an ‘Adult’ for your whole life.

But they never tell you how.

This process will not only tell you how, but also why as you are guided through a rite of passage and discover your own inner adult.

Along the way, you will meet two characters inside of you, who have been at war with each other for your whole life.

Say hullo to your Parent (AKA: Your Critical Voice).  They have been trying to keep you safe and out of trouble since you were really little.

Say hullo as well, to your Inner Child.  This playful, curious and ever exploring character has been with you since day one.

This will be no normal meeting.  You will give them voices and listen to what’s important to them.

Not only that, you will create a new character; your Adult, who will mediate between the two and bring peace to your inner kingdom.

But I’ve said too much.

You’d best download your Parent Adult Child Template by clicking the link below and go on this journey on your own terms, with your own images and analogies.  Best of luck – see you at the other side!

The Parent, Adult and Child Template

Thanks for coming here. If you want to live your most awesome-ous life possible, then call me on 0439 979 577 to talk about what the Motivation Clinic can do for you.


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