You only want to write down your secret grudges if you are ready to begin the process of forgiveness and completion.

If that’s why you are on this page then read on.

You see, if you want to forgive and complete with something, bringing out your issues into the light is the best place to start.

Grudges thrive in darkness and under your radar.  Bring them into the light and they begin to lose their power.

You’ll find below your link to download your copy of your Secret Grudge List Template.

Download it, list out your biggest grudges and follow the instructions.

You’ll find complete instructions in the book: The Motivation Clinic.

I wish you courage, honesty and for you to free yourself from your secret grudges.

My Secret Grudge List Template

Thanks for coming here. If you want to live your most awesome-ous life possible, then call me on 0439 979 577 to talk about what the Motivation Clinic can do for you.


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