Writing a vision that pops requires you to practice your celebration.  In other words, you get the party started at the beginning of your journey and you continue to create an internalised traveling party all the way to your final celebration.

That’s how the high achievers do it.  They practice their celebration every day.  It motivates, inspires and energizes them on the way to achieving their goals.

That’s why you need to think up some really inspiring and meaningful ways to celebrate achieving your goal.

Here’s 20 ideas to help you come up with something:

  1. Travel somewhere you have always wanted to go to
  2. Book a cruise
  3. Book a hotel in the city on the weekend and just hang out in shops, eat, drink and enjoy the city.
  4. Book yourself on an adventure
  5. Take a trip on a harbour boat
  6. Take a trip on a train
  7. Have champagne breakfast at a public monument
  8. Throw a party
  9. Throw a dinner party
  10. Go for a walk with someone special
  11. Go to your favourite art gallery
  12. Go to your favourite sporting event
  13. Go to the movies
  14. Go to a play
  15. Go climb something with a friend
  16. Sit on a swing with a friend
  17. Crack a bottle of champagne
  18. Smoke a cigar
  19. Hire a great car
  20. Dance

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Are the words ‘Strategy’, ‘Plan’ and ‘Action’, good friends of yours…or strangers that you fear?

Whichever relationship you have, this process will help you get these three bad boys into shape and singing like a choir.

You’ll find the full instructions for using this template in the book: ‘The Motivation Clinic’

The template takes you through a logical and step by step process that will give you a great relationship with this process.

Strategies Plans and Actions Template

Thanks for coming here. If you want to live your most awesome-ous life possible, then call me on 0439 979 577 to talk about what the Motivation Clinic can do for you.


‘I have a dream!’ said Martin Luther King,

Are you ready to create and unleash your dream?

This template will take you through the process of building up your compelling vision.

Baseline Vision worksheet 2

The process has Dynamic Tension embedded in it and if you follow the instructions, you’ll gently build a vision that will not only inspire you, but others…

Full instructions are in the book; ‘The Motivation Clinic’.

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Strategies Plans and Actions Template

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Goal Setting Template

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2015 Kickstart Review and Planner

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